James’ Story

James’ Story

Hello! My name is James Flett. I am a St. Boniface Street Links Intensive Case Manager (ICM) working out of Morberg House. St. Boniface Street Links works with everyone who is experiencing homelessness in St. Boniface. Some end up in our transitional house – Morberg House. We work with all those who experience homelessness to link them to housing and supports wherever we can in the city. Through our partnership with other Housing 1 st agencies we work to move individuals from homeless to housed. Our job doesn’t end once a person is housed. As a matter of fact, once housed the real work begins. We make sure individuals are securely linked to mental health services, addiction recovery programs, EIA or employment. It’s our goal to do what we can to improve housing retention. We provide weekly follow-up with all our housing clients and do our best to ensure good tenant/landlord relationships and that any challenges are identified and addressed proactively.

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