We coordinate and monitor
referrals for Housing and
other services.

Our team employs a multi-systemic approach to assisting individuals and monitors all activities to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. Organizations who would like to make a referral can do so by emailing info@stbonifacestreetlinks.com or by phone at 204 294-7637.

Our Coordinated Referral System aides the St. Boniface homeless with the following services.

  • Income Assistance
  • Job Referrals
  • Addiction Treatment Centres
  • Legal Aide
  • Counselling
  • Secure Personal Identification Documents
  • Other Services as May Be Required

Board of Directors

Mariette DeGagné


Sheila Cornick


Micheal Gim


Leo DeGagné


Francis Labossiere


Aline Caron



Marion Willis

SBSL Founder
Executive Director

Alexander James Flett

Intensive Case Manager

Darcy Daniels

House Manager

Alfred Bighetty

Support Worker

Our Stories

Please help us end homelessness in St. Boniface. Together, we can do this!
Marion Willis

Marion Willis

A message from the Founder of St. Boniface Street Links St. Boniface Street Links is, in it’s entirety, the vision of those who have spent years living on the riverbanks, under bridges, in stairwells and in the vast green spaces of Old North St...

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Mariette DeGagné

Mariette DeGagné

A message from the President of St. Boniface Street Links "Everyone has a right to the basic necessities in life - a place to call home, food on the table and friends and family to share with. Liaison St. Boniface Street Links organization is a...

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Sam’s Story

Sam’s Story

Hi, I am Sam. I used to live along the Seine and under bridges. I lived outside for over 30 years and that is a long time! Now I live at Morberg House. I remember when I used to come to this house and the Sisters lived here. They used to make...

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