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In the past, the citizens of St. Boniface could always rely on the Christian Church and it’s missionaries to serve the poor and the marginalized.  But, as the religious Orders aged and their facilities were repurposed into seniors’ homes and for other uses, the gap was created.  Today the gap in services is huge! St. Boniface Street Links works to fill that gap.


Your gift helps us move those currently living on the streets...

Morberg House

Located in the heart of Old St. Boniface, Morberg House is a...


Connecting with all those who are experiencing homelessness in St...


Operating Spring through Fall, we operate a citizen led Bike...

Our Mission

About us

St. Boniface Street Links works to end homelessness, reduce poverty and support crime prevention through social development as a “best practice” for successful community development.

Our success is linked to our strong, supportive relationships with all Winnipeg-based end-homelessness and anti-poverty organizations. Through our comprehensive working network with others, we are able to link homeless and other vulnerable citizens to existing programs and services here in St. Boniface and elsewhere in the city of Winnipeg.

No one organization can achieve success on its own but
together we can do this!

  • Co-ordinating Hub
  • Easy Access to Detox
  • Eliminate Homelessness
  • Addictions Treatment
  • Reduce Poverty
  • Strong Supportive Partnerships

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Who is Faron Hall?

Faron Hall - St. Boniface Street Links - Winnipeg, ManitobaFaron Hall was born May 14, 1964, on the Dakota Tipi First Nation reserve near Portage la Prairie, Man., to Maryanne Hall and John Hupa. He had an unstable childhood, with his parents constantly away working on farms and with very little supervision on the reserve. He had at least two sisters and an older brother.

His uncle, Neil Hall, says Faron was taken away by Children’s Aid when he was around three; he was brought back to the reserve when he was eight. Neil remembers that Faron was friends with everyone and loved playing sports. He especially loved to swim.


The Many Faces of Homelessness in St. Boniface

More than 138 people are registered with St. Boniface Street Links.  Of the 138 individuals, more than 60 are considered chronically homeless while the remaining are at risk of becoming homeless – poverty, mental illness, a lack of social supports and a lack of affordable housing contribute to the problem.

  • A paramedic who spent 20 years saving the lives of others
  • A community leader
  • A youth who has aged out of care, has been homeless and is trying to complete a College program
  • An accomplished artist who is struggling with evasive cancer

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Our Stories

Please help us end homelessness in St. Boniface. Together, we can do this!

Reaching Out, Reaching Within

Riding along with the St. Boniface Street Links lived experience team as they meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness Robert Lidstone – March 28th, 2020   “Keep calm, pray, and...

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Arthur Weldon

Arthur Weldon

Arthur is a graduate of the Master of Occupational Therapy program at the University of Manitoba. During his final practicum at the PACT program in Winnipeg, he discovered a passion for...

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Robert Lidstone

Robert Lidstone

Robert was born at the St. Boniface Hospital and raised in Manitoba. He was educated at Western, Simon Fraser and York Universities, and holds a Master’s degree in Human Geography. Robert has...

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St. Boniface Street Links / Morberg House have implemented a pandemic response to ensure the safety of our community's most vulnerable. Effective immediately, Morberg House is in semi-lock down with residents being asked to observe Stay-In-Place protocols. Our residents are living in compliance with Health Canada guidelines regarding safe distancing and observing best hygiene practices. Our organization has increased daily outreach to people experiencing homelessness in our community. Though we are unable to welcome volunteers at this time, donations of food, hygiene products and money are gratefully accepted.

Thanks to the generosity of Birchwood Automotive Group, we have a van and outreach staff driving through our community twice a day distributing food, hygiene products and information to those living on our streets. We are collecting information about our homeless population to assist them in finding shelter.

We are in constant contact with people in our sober living community to ensure they have the support they require.

Our psychiatric student nurses and counsellors are available everyday to provide medication and mental health services to our residents.

We continue to interact with our business partners and community partners to respond to events as they occur.

We are very grateful for the support of generous donors who are helping us respond to this public health crisis. If you are able to assist us in our efforts through financial donations or food & hygiene products, please contact us at 204-615-5557 or email at info@stbonifacestreetlinks.com and we will respond immediately.

I encourage you to read the letter linked below. Written by one of our outreach staff members, it truly expresses how we are all feeling at this very difficult time. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and remain in good health! As a community, we shall persevere! Thank you all!

The team at St Boniface Street Links