Waylon’s Story

Waylon’s Story

Well I got a new job working at Morberg House with people that are homeless. The past few days of working there was an amazing experience, I get to help them by having some one on one and talking about their problems, future and helping them make a productive schedule. They have some struggles adapting to a more sober life but by the way it looks a few of them are on the right track. I constantly remind them that they are appreciated and that they can do whatever they put their mind on. Anyways yesterday my wife and I prepared a moose-meat roast for the guys and man did they enjoy it.

For some of them it’s been years since they had moose meat. Hopefully I have an impact on some lives. I remember coming across a quote saying “You may think your light is small but it can make a big difference in other people’s lives” which is true and powerful.

Enjoy your day.

Waylon Snowshoe,
Support Worker at Morberg House

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