Ricky Aitkens

Ricky Aitkens

Ricky has lived at Morberg House since July 2018. He grew up in St. Vital, playing basketball and attending Boys and Girls Clubs. Ricky has struggled with addiction to methamphetamine and opioids. An aspiring rap artist, Ricky is currently registered in Red River College Culinary Arts Program. Says Ricky, “I never thought I’d ever be in college. I have a new kind of confidence. I lost 10 years to drugs, gangs and jail. Now I’m looking forward to a very different future.”

Lyrics from Ricky’s Rap Song:

Been through a lot
And I’m slowly recoverin’
Angels and demons is over me hoverin’
They waiting for a mistake
Or they waiting for a blessin
Studio is they booth
And this is my confession.

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