Derek Henderson

“I’m capable of good things and I can do good things” 

Derek Henderson ended up at Morberg House after relapsing. He’d lost someone to addiction and decided it was time to take back control, in hopes of eventually being a bigger part of his children’s lives.  

Derek spent months living in the home, working through why he used and different coping mechanisms he could look to going forward. 

Crediting the staff, Derek says the Re:Act program helped him address his past behaviour and emotional scars that continue to weigh on him. 

“They hold you accountable. I’m given freedom every day and held accountable for earning it.” 

 Derek has now moved out of Morberg House but still returns to his support system as he continues his recovery journey. 

Ultimately he wants to go back to his home of Fox Lake Cree Nation in northern Manitoba, but recognizes he still has work to do. 

“I learned a lot about myself here. I’m capable of good things and I can do good things.”