We coordinate and monitor
referrals for Housing and
other services.

Our team employs a multi-systemic approach to assisting individuals and monitors all activities to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. Organizations who would like to make a referral can do so by emailing info@stbonifacestreetlinks.com or by phone at 204 294-7637.

Our Coordinated Referral System aides the St. Boniface homeless with the following services.

  • Income Assistance
  • Job Referrals
  • Addiction Treatment Centres
  • Legal Aide
  • Counselling
  • Secure Personal Identification Documents
  • Other Services as May Be Required

Board of Directors

Laura Nagy, LLB
Laura Nagy, LLB


Born and raised in Montreal, Laura moved to Winnipeg after completing her Quebec Civil Law degree at the University of Ottawa in 2014. The highlight of her legal education was her close collaboration with local organizations, carrying out an awareness campaign on human trafficking in Ottawa. Upon moving to Winnipeg, she obtained her common-law certification, challenging the requirements of the National Committee on Accreditation. While finishing law school, Laura confirmed her interest in criminal law by working as a legal assistant at Bueti Wasyliw Wiebe, where she later articled in 2017. She volunteered at the Legal Help Centre and worked as a courtroom clerk for the Winnipeg Law Courts.  She received her call to the Bar in May 2018 and joined KAVAWOOD as an associate lawyer to continue practicing in criminal defense.

Claudette Toupin, Former Deputy Minister


Robert Lidstone, MA Human Geography


Greg Sacks, LLB


Chris Gamby, LLB



Marion Willis - St. Boniface Street Links - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Marion Willis

SBSL Founder
Executive Director

Antoinette Bryan

Registered Psychiatric Nurse

Ken St. George

Community Health Worker and Nurse

Peer Support Specialists

Our organization utilizes a team of peer support specialists who have been through the Morberg House addiction recovery program and now use their knowledge, skills and lived experience to support others. They can be found working at Morberg House and as part of the Outreach Team, all guided by our professional support staff.

*There is a constantly evolving network of peer support with lived experience, as residents move out and continue to work with and encourage current residents.

Our Stories

Please help us end homelessness in St. Boniface. Together, we can do this!
Spencer Raab

Spencer Raab

For Spencer Raab, Morberg House has been a home, a support system and now, a source of employment.  Spencer had no place to stay and only a few possessions before getting into detox at Main Street Project then ending up at Morberg House...

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Derek Henderson

“I’m capable of good things and I can do good things”  Derek Henderson ended up at Morberg House after relapsing. He’d lost someone to addiction and decided it was time to take back control, in hopes of eventually being a bigger part of his...

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Tyler Lalonde

Tyler Lalonde

“It’s the best feeling helping other people recover because you know it’s possible.”  Tyler started using meth when he was 18. Lalonde says he fell into addiction quickly, and couldn’t kick the habit despite going to rehab a number of times. He...

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