St. Boniface Street Links

St. Boniface Street Links works to the best of our ability to ensure that those who graduate the Morberg House program move into other sober living housing which we secure. It’s important that when people move out of the house, they don’t return to the same environments where their problems escalated.

Our outreach program provides specialized support services to our clients living in the community, largely comprised of people who have completed the Morberg House program. For up to 2 years after their initial intake, clients of St. Boniface Street Links maintain their therapeutic relationships with our staff. SBSL helps them to secure safe and sober housing in the neighborhood, and ensures that they continue to receive the supports necessary to maintain healthy independent living.

Together, we can do this!

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Together, we can
do this!

St. Boniface has a very significant homeless population and the numbers are growing. Please help us end homeless in St. Boniface.

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