Legacy Giving

Legacy or planned giving is a donation made by an individual through a will, charitable trust or some other form of designation. Such a gift may offer potential tax savings for the donor or the donor’s estate. 

Your Legacy gift would provide St. Boniface Street Links with the funds we need to help secure our future and continue to support our community’s most vulnerable people through Morberg House and our Community Living and Community Outreach programs. It would also help ensure that we can keep our programs going during even the most challenging times.

If you are interested in leaving such a gift to St. Boniface Street Links, we encourage you to consult your attorney or financial advisor for guidance regarding the best form for your gift. 

For further information, please contact Marion Willis, Executive Director of St. Boniface Street Links, at 204.294.7637 or email her at mwillis@stbonifacestreetlinks.com