Help End homelessness in St. Boniface!

Together, We Can End This!

How to Donate

Our continued success depends on you. Your gift truly does save lives.

St. Boniface Street Links /Morberg House is not supported by the government. Our success is made possible solely through the generosity of individuals, groups, organizations and corporations, and we are grateful to all who donate to us. We can’t do this important work alone. We must all work together as a community to help and heal our vulnerable citizens. Your donations are what sustained us in the past and what will continue to sustain us in the future. 


There are a number of different ways to donate:

Online donations

To make your donation online, please visit our donation page on If you have any questions about the online donation process, please contact Marion Willis, Executive Director of St. Boniface Street Links.

Donate Today

Other Ways to Donate

There are many creative ways to give to an organization, including organizing a fundraising drive, donating furniture or sharing produce from your home garden. If you are unsure or have any questions about your idea, give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

Good & In-Kind Gifts

Staff and residents of Morberg House are always appreciative of donations of food and household supplies. New and unused personal care items, toiletries and gently used clothing, including socks, underclothes, hats, gloves and winter coats are also needed by our organization. We also accept construction and gardening materials. Please note that we cannot except opened or expired food items. 

Community Fundraising Events

From kids to families, community groups to corporations, anyone can fundraise on behalf of St, Boniface Street Links /Morberg House. In lieu of a birthday gift, ask family and friends to donate to us. Host a silent auction at work with proceeds presented to Morberg House. Any amount raised is always graciously appreciated! 

Matching Gifts

Talk to your employer and see of they are willing to match your monetary gift to St. Boniface Street Links /Morberg House. Or, if you are volunteering your time with us, see if they will match your volunteer hours with a monetary donation. If required, out Tax ID # is #820398162RR0001.

Furniture or Large Items

Furniture and electronic items, such as TVs, are needed to furnish Morberg House and the residences that are part of our Community Living Program. Please contact us at or call 204-294-7637 to arrange a pick-up for large items.


Missionary Oblates for
your generous donation $10,000

Grey Nuns of Montreal (St. Boniface) for
your generous offer of $25,000 in matching funds.

Codey, Owner/Operator of No Frills for
your weekly donation of food. Value of this donation exceeds $40,000 annually.

Homeless Partnering Strategy (federal funding initiative to end homelessness) for
your $300,000 contribution to St. Boniface Street Links Housing 1 st Initiative

Province of Manitoba for EIA Support

Prince of Peace for taking on
the “St. Boniface Street Links Winter-bag Program.”

Winnipeg Homeless Partnering Network
of which we are now a member.

City Councillor Matt Allard
for championing our cause.

Citizens of St. Boniface who form the Bike Patrol.

Citizens of St. Boniface who spend countless hours volunteering
and gathering donations of clothing and other items.

St. Boniface Business Community for
your generous support! Special thanks to:

Constance Pop Chocolatier

Brunets Monuments

AFM Heating and Cooling

Codey No Frills

Childcare Pro

Le Baguette Bakery

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